Sr Co Band

This page contains information for Berks county students and parents regarding Senior County Band auditions for the 2022-2023 school year.

2023 Senior County Band Roster

Senior County Festival Ticket Information

Tickets for the festival can be ordered at this link:

Participants have priority ordering until January 20, 2023, when tickets become available to the public. Families should enter the name of their student participants and school for early access. Contact with questions.

2022-2023 Senior County Band Audition Requirements

* The solos listed will match those for being used for District 10. 
Senior County excerpt requirements can be found below:

2022-2023 Senior County Band Scale and Percussion Requirements

PERCUSSION Requirements

Senior County Band Audition Schedule

Senior County Band Student Audition Form

Senior County Festival Information

Future Solos:

2022-2023 – Excerpts will be taken from the District 10 audition list

2023-2024 – Coming Soon

2024-2025 – Coming Soon

Updated 1/17/2023